Email/Spam & Virus Protection

Secure, Protected, Seamless Email Continuity for a Piece of Mind

Email is an essential part of business communications and a source for massive amounts of data, as well as an easy target for phishing, viruses, malware, and SPAM. Today there are individuals, groups, and organizations known as the “Dark Web” or “Black Hat Hackers” dedicated to retrieving and stealing business critical information to perhaps leverage this information in some way towards your business. Solid Rock Solutions is dedicated to creating a security awareness and educating our clients of the risks and dangers that may be awaiting them.

☑Solid Rock Solutions  can help you establish an email security and archiving system that will:

Secure your email- stop SPAM, viruses, worms, and other email-borne malware BEFORE they arrive in your inbox
Preserve and access emails more easily- online archive of all inbound and outbound filtered messages with attachments and flexible search features
Enhance operational efficiencies- offload massive storage requirements from your server
Make search easier- with full email indexing and seamless access to records

Solid Rock Solutions will help you enhance email as a communication tool and preserve the information it contains so that your email is an asset instead of a liability.

   Don't get caught by surprise.