Office Phone System Solutions For Financial Services


Accurate, immediate communications are absolutely critical in the world of finance, where a single wrong digit can cause millions in damages and everything can turn upside down in minutes. Solid Rock Solutions guarantees 99.999% reliability so financial services professionals stay in contact with their organization or their clients. Solid Rock Solutions even provides extensive disaster avoidance and recovery protections such as StarRecovery, automatic backup and failover, and voicemail access from email so financial service professionals are never out of touch.


The nature of the financial services industry dictates that those involved must be able to communicate however the situation demands. In a single day, an agent may need to fax important documents, participate in a videoconference with upper management, and call a dozen or more clients on the phone. Solid Rock Solutions provides solutions such as StarFax Classic, StarFax Personal, StarChat, StarVideo Conferencing, StarConferencing, and more that ensure that earnings are never limited by an inability to communicate.


A huge amount of what the financial services industry does is done on the road, whether it is a meeting with a client at a local restaurant or presentation to potential investors across the country. However, business doesn’t stop when an agent leaves the office. Financial services professionals have to be reachable, wherever they are. Solid Rock Solutions enables an unprecedented level of mobility with features such as Find Me - Follow Me, the StarPhone™ for Desktop, and StarScope® 2, making sure an agent’s ability to communicate is never hampered by their physical location.