Law Office Phone Systems & Cloud Services For Law Firms


Legal professionals must constantly race to meet court-imposed deadlines and must always be available for their clients to reach. Even the shortest period of communications downtime is completely unacceptable. Solid Rock Solutions has had three straight years of 100% uptime and always guarantees 99.999%. Every StarSystem® is protected with StarWatch Continuous Monitoring and is backed with next-day parts replacement.


The legal profession demands flexibility and is quick to take advantage of any advance in communications. Solid Rock Solutions provides law firms with a variety of advanced UC features. Legal professionals can reduce communications time and improve their business’ operating efficiency with voice, messaging, video, and fax options and provide a better customer experience with cloud-based auto attendants, StarCenter for inbound call centers, and StarContact CRM integration.


Workers in the legal field have to be mobile. Cases must be tried in court. Negotiations must be held at opponent’s offices. Clients must be met at convenient locations. Scalable Cloud Communications from Solid Rock Solutions enable an unprecedented level of mobility with features such as Find Me - Follow Me, automatic call routing, remote voicemail access from email, and StarScope® 2 presence monitoring.