Managed Network Security

Proactive Network Security solutions - for peace of mind ; Is your network at risk?

At Solid Rock Solutions, we understand that small businesses rely heavily on a secure network. Threats to email, Web browsing and instant messaging (IM) are getting more sophisticated by the day. And because of this, network security is a real concern.

What happens if your network is compromised? If hackers break into your network and steal valuable customer information, how will you tell your customers? Will they lose confidence in your business? Questions like these are difficult to answer, but the truth is that if you do nothing to secure your network, you’re taking an unnecessary and completely preventable risk.

More and more these days, cyber criminals are targeting small and medium-sized businesses as an easy way to steal information and money. Why? Because generally speaking, SMBs have not invested in their network security as much as larger enterprises.

☑Solid Rock Solutions Network Security solutions offer you these essential benefits:

Filtering - block malicious or inappropriate web content
Firewall - Security against business disruptions that could destroy your organization
Protection - works with your firewall to give you maximum security
Analysis - pinpoint the weak spots in your network - before they disrupt it
Security is not something you can "set and forget." Don’t let a lapse in security cost you your business.
Private Networks (VPNs) for easy remote access

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