Managed Wi-Fi

Attention Business Owners Of - Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Small & Medium Businesses

Are you concerned about hosting a good Wi-Fi experience for your Guests or Office Staff?
Poor Wi-Fi can damage a Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, reputation for conferences, Meetings, Seminars, and Corporate Parties …
Did you know that 90% of guests voted that Wi-Fi is most important enmity?

Cloud Managed

Solid Rock Solutions Networking WiFi includes a full-featured, cloud management system to build, manage and monitor professional-grade wireless networks from anywhere in the world.

High Performance Wi-Fi

Access points deliver enterprise-grade WiFi featuring dual band simultaneous 2.4GHz/5GHZ, up to 3x3 configurations on wireless N or AC, Gigabit Ethernet, standard 802.3af and PoE.

Self Organizing

Solid Rock Solutions Networking WiFi Access Points self-organize, enabling seamless roaming WiFi across the network. And because you can monitor your entire network from the cloud, you can drill down to each switch or access point to debug any issues.

Self Healing

All Solid Rock Solutions Networking WiFi Access Points are mesh enabled and get their power from PoE+. Access points work together to form a self-healing encrypted mesh network. Mesh enables deployment flexibility in locations where additional cabling isn’t always feasible

☑With Centally Managed Wi-Fi  from Solid Rock Solutions you get;

✔Affordable - Low monthly costs and Managed remotely
✔Dependable - Each access point acts as a, router, mesh gateway and repeater in one compact package 
Centrally Managed - Our Network Technicians monitor your Wi-Fi Network and Access Points via the cloud